Russian Machine Never Breaks
My left arm was just dead. I couldn’t lift it, couldn’t move it, sort of thing, so I knew there was something a little more serious than a stinger. It’s just unfortunate. I’m sick and tired of missing hockey.
When we get into the zone, we’re communicating better with each other and we’re finding the open lanes and we’re finding a way to get out of the zone as opposed to previous years where we got it, we just tried to rim it up the boards or tried to force plays.
I just like to have a very positive outlook on everything, so I try to stay positive around the guys. And it’s contagious too.
Nate Schmidt
[Tom Wilson is] not close enough where we have to debate it. I think it’ll just be a conversation with the trainers, probably Willy, myself and [general manager Brian MacLellan] and see what’s the best route to take. I don’t think it’s something that will consume us. We’ll talk about it one of these days when he gets the clearance to do that
Trotz, the supposedly defense-first coach, has given the Caps D the green light to pinch in the zone to maintain offensive possession.
I think it was Karl [Alzner] that got it all set up. Probably [got it from] the dollar store, I’d say. I don’t know. The hat’s pretty nice though. Hopefully we’ve got a case to keep that thing nice and shiny for the season.
I need Marcus to pull the trigger a little more than he has and he will. He’s going to get some good looks. I’ve seen him shoot the puck, so I know he can score some goals for us.
We have a plan when we’re going back to the pucks and it’s just a matter of execution on our end, and each guy played fantastic
I was really happy with Mike [Green]. Not only was he contributing offensively, but he was really making good plays, good decisions. Defensively, he was really strong. For a debut, I didn’t know how he would be just coming off a little bit of an injury. He was real strong. I’m glad he got through that. I think he’s looking forward to a good season now.
I know in Washington it’s been a very stats-driven organization for the last handful of years, but you gotta throw that out the window. You can’t worry about who scores the goals, who’s getting the success, because at the end of the day, the team that wins the Stanley Cup is a team.